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Holy Cross Monks at West Park

OHC Monks

Br. Robert James Magliula, OHC
Entered OHC: Claustral Oblate 2004, Novitiate 2006
Life Professed: 2011
From: New York City
Interests: art therapy, drawing, hiking, interior and exterior design, reading

Br. Robert Leo Sevensky, OHC
Assistant Superior, Archivist
Entered OHC: 1986
Life Professed: 1990
From: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Interests: reading, especially monastic studies & memoirs, hiking

Br. Josép Martínez-Cubero, OHC
Director of Formation, Vocations, & Internships, ChoirmasterEntered OHC: 2014Life Professed: 2018Originally from: San Juan, Puerto RicoInterests: music, lists, organizing, hiking, and readingBr. Josép teaches private voice lessons upon request by appointment.josep@hcmnet.org

Br. Laurence Harms, OHC
(In skilled nursing care)

Entered OHC: 1960
Life Professed: 1966
From: Rock Island, Illinois
Interests: astronomy, origami

Br. Bede Mudge, OHC
Entered OHC: 1964
Life Professed: 1972
From: Northern Kentucky
Interests: astronomy, cosmology

Br. Carl Sword, OHC
Entered OHC: 1973
Life Professed: 1978
From: Bangor, Pennsylvania
Interests: reading, history, psychology, neurology and brain studies; Biblical studies; psychoanalysis


Br. Timothy Jolley, OHC
Entered OHC: 1973
Life Professed: 1981
From: Memphis, Tennessee
Interests: education, gardening, reading, exploring consciousness (especially spiritual evolution), spiritual direction

Br. David Bryan Hoopes, OHC

Entered OHC: 1973
Life Professed: 1977
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Br. Lary Pearce, OHC
(in skilled nursing care)

Entered OHC: 1985
Life Professed: 1990
From: Georgia
Interests: medieval history, mystical theology


Br. John Forbis, OHC
Entered OHC: 1993
Life Professed: 1999
Originally from: Mt. Vernon, Ohio & Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Interests: acapella singing, poetry

Br. Scott Wesley Borden, OHC

Entered OHC: 2001
Life Professed: 2005
Originally from: Saratoga Springs, New York

Br.  Bernard Delcourt, OHC
Director of Associates

Entered OHC: 2004
Life Professed: 2009
From: Leuven, Belgium
Interests: Centering Prayer, spiritual direction, ecology, anti-racism, gender studies.
Br. Bernard also blogs at The Monastery Column.


Br. Randy Greve, OHC
Entered OHC: 2005
Life Professed: 2010
Originally from: Houston, Texas
Interests: photography. Br. Randy is available for spiritual direction.

Br. Aidan Owen, OHC
Entered OHC: 2014
Life Professed: 2019
Originally from: Dallas, Texas
Interests: gardening, writing, sewing, ecology, & hiking

Br. Luc Thuku, OHC
Currently at St. Benedict’s Priory, Hermanus, South Africa
Entered OHC: 2019
From: Kiambu, Kenya


Br. Ephrem Arcement, OHC
Entered monastic life: 2010
Life profession: 2014
From: Lockport, Louisiana
Interests: reading, film, hiking, classical music, exercising, tennis.

Br. Francis Daniel Beckham, OHC 
Monk’s Cell Book and Gift Shop
Entered OHC: 2022
From: Clewiston, Florida and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Interests: trains, hiking, reading, urban-exploration, history, and baking.


Br. Bruno Santana OHC
Entered OHC: 2022
From: Spain
Interests: spiritual theology, psychology, hiking, meditation, reading, and travel



Br. Anthony Letchworth n/OHC


Entered OHC: 2023

Mr. Ben Hansknecht


Entered OHC: 2024

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