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Holy Cross Monks at West Park

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OHC Monks

Br. Robert James Magliula, OHC
Entered OHC: Claustral Oblate 2004, Novitiate 2006
Life Professed: 2011
From: New York City
Interests: art therapy, drawing, hiking, interior and exterior design, reading.
[email protected]
Phone: ext. 3006

Br. Robert Leo Sevensky, OHC
Assistant Superior, Sacristan, Archivist
Entered OHC: 1986
Life Professed: 1990
From: Scranton, PA    
Interests: reading, especially monastic studies & memoirs; hiking.
[email protected]

Br. Robert (Bob) Pierson, OHC
Director of Formation
Entered OHC: March 30, 2014
Profession: July 11, 1983
Br. Bob was a Roman Catholic Benedictine monk at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN from 1980 to 2014.
From: Estherville, IA
Interests: genealogy, history, music (trumpet, piano, voice), Scrabble.
[email protected]
Phone: ext. 3026

Come Worship With Us!

Daily Worship Schedule:

Matins 7:00 a.m.

Holy Eucharist 9:00 a.m.

Diurnum 12:00 p.m.

Vespers 5:00 p.m.

Compline 8:00 p.m.

The Monastery is closed to the public on Mondays.

Br. Laurence Harms, OHC
Entered OHC: 1960
Life Professed: 1966
From: Rock Island, IL
Interests: astronomy, origami.
[email protected]

Br. Bede Mudge, OHC
Entered OHC: 1964
Life Professed: 1972
From: Northern KY
Interests: astronomy, cosmology.
[email protected]

Br. Carl Sword, OHC
Entered OHC: 1972
Life Professed: 1978
From: Bangor, PA
Interests: reading, history, psychology, neurology and brain studies; Biblical studies; psychoanalyst/psychotherapist
[email protected]


Br. James Robert Hagler, OHC
Entered OHC: 1980
Life Professed: 1985
From: Knoxville & Loudon County, TN
Interests: gardening, history, poetry.

Br. Richard Paul Vaggione, OHC
Entered OHC: 1980
Profession: 1986
From: San Jose, CA
Interests: Late Roman History, Manichaeism, Patristic Theology, Syriac Studies.
[email protected]

Br. Lary Pearce, OHC
Entered OHC: 1985
Life Professed: 1990
From: GA
Interests: medieval history, mystical theology.


Br. John Forbis, OHC
Entered OHC: 1993
Life Professed: 1999
Originally from: Mt. Vernon, OH & Carlisle, PA
Interests: acapella singing, poetry.
[email protected]</a

Br.  Bernard Delcourt, OHC
Capital Projects & Maintenance
Healthcare Management

Entered OHC: 2004
Life Professed: 2009
From: Leuven, BEL
Interests: beekeeping, Centering Prayer, spiritual direction, sustainable development.
Br. Bernard also blogs at The Monastery Column.
[email protected]
Phone: ext. 3008

Br. Randy Greve, OHC
Entered OHC: 2005
Life Professed: 2010
Originally from: Houston, TX
Interests: photography.
Br. Randy provides spiritual direction upon request and serves as Priest-in-Charge of Christ Church, Red Hook, NY.
[email protected]
Phone: ext. 3027


Br. Josép Reinaldo Martínez-Cubero, OHC
Choirmaster, Director of Associates and Interns, & Director of Vocations
Entered OHC: 2014
Life Professed: 2018
Originally from: San Juan, PR
Interests: music, theatre, hiking, & biking.
Br. Josép teaches private voice lessons at the monastery by appointment.
[email protected]
Phone: ext. 3019

Br. Aidan Owen, OHC
Guestmaster & Groundskeeper 
Entered OHC: 2014
Life Professed: 2019
Originally from: Dallas, TX
Interests: gardening, writing, sewing, ecology, & hiking.
You can read Br. Aidan’s writing at www.alittlefire.org.
[email protected]
Phone: ext. 3012

Br. Luc Thuku, OHC
Incense Operations
Entered OHC: 2019
Originally from: Kiambu, Kenya


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