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Land Acknowledgement and our History

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the land on which this monastery sits, along with all of West Park, was inhabited for hundreds of years before the arrival of European settlers by the Lenape, the Indigenous People of the Northeast Woods.

Link to the history:  The Lenape People

History of the Order of the Holy Cross

We’re a Benedictine Community in the Anglican Communion which includes The Episcopal Church. Holy Cross Monastery is part of the Order of the Holy Cross (OHC), founded by the Rev. James Otis Sargent Huntington in 1884. An active reformer on New York City’s Lower East Side with an enduring sense of social responsibility, Fr. Huntington had both courage and foresight. He understood the role prayer and contemplation could play in sustaining social justice efforts. The earliest community moved to Maryland before settling in West Park in 1902. Today, our West Park monastery includes housing for guests and the Monastery Church of St. Augustine, in addition to the Monastic Enclosure.

Because Fr. Huntington’s vision as our community lived it was essentially Benedictine, we formally adopted the Rule of St. Benedict in 1984. Over the years, we’ve adapted the Rule to account for different settings as well as the demands of contemporary life. Our primary ministry is welcoming guests on individual and group retreats. We also operate a book and gift shop that features calligraphy, icons, incense, and photography created by our monks.

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Our Founder

Rev. James Otis Sargent Huntington, OHC
Feast Day, November 25