The Forgiving Life: A Path to Freedom

Led By: Sr. Elizabeth Broyles, CMA
Suggested Donation: $360

Tuesday, 08 December – Friday, 11 December 2020

Jesus, in teaching his disciples to pray, makes forgiveness central to their lives—and ours. Millions have prayed the Lord’s Prayer since, yet in our hurt, anger, or grief, we forget that it is possible to forgive and be forgiven. We treat it as optional and even fail to take in that we are promised forgiveness by God when we repent. Why is this so difficult? To claim the freedom offered us in Christ we need to forgive and be forgiven in relationship to God, each other and ourselves. This retreat will explore the practice of forgiveness: seeking it, offering it and receiving it. We will ponder what forgiveness is–and is not– in the scriptures and other spiritual writings. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on forgiveness in their own lives. Come focus on some ways to move deeper into this life-giving, liberating practice which is an essential aspect of abundant life. Bring a journal!



Sr. Elizabeth is deeply honored to have been accompanying people in their faith journeys for 15 years through retreat leadership, teaching spiritual practices and spiritual direction. Co-founder of the Companions of Mary the Apostle, an ecumenical religious community for people of all genders, Elizabeth is also an Episcopal priest of 25 years. She came to ministry through waking up to the deep need of God’s life-giving love and presence—her own and others. Nothing delights her more than being with people as they encounter the Divine in their lives and the world.