Angels in Icons

Led By: Christine Hales
Suggested Donation: $695

Tuesday, 12 May – Friday, 15 May 2020

This retreat will explore the meanings and roles of angels in Icons. We will be painting a beautiful angel Icon using egg tempera and gold leaf gilding for this class. This class welcomes both beginners and more advanced students. We will also do some drawing of the features of the face to help Icon students with understanding iconographic facial features. If you have taken class with Christine before, you may contact her about painting an Icon of your choice.



Christine Hales is the founder of the American Association of Iconography and holds an MS. from the College of New Rochelle and a BFA from Mass. College of Art, Boston.  She has been teaching Icon painting for fifteen years at churches, seminaries, and monasteries to an ever widening circle of Iconographers and she enjoys inspiring new students with the joy of Icon writing.  Her well reviewed book about Icons “Eyes of Fire” was recently published and is available on