Landscapes and Soulscapes: A Camino Divina Adventure into the Divine

Led By: Gina Marie Mammano
Suggested Donation: $360

Tuesday, 27 August – Friday, 30 August 2019


Landscapes and Soulscapes: A Camino Divina Adventure into the Divine will help you explore in greater depth a richer, deeper relationship with the land, the self, and the Divine. You will be provided with thoughtful and joyful practices that can help you connect more deeply wherever you find yourself, whether at home or abroad. Through the practice of “camino divina- walking the divine way,” inner and outer landscapes will be explored through intuitive exercises, journaling, conversational partnering, finger labyrinths, and walking meditation, accompanied by the words of poets and sages to walk alongside you.



Gina Marie Mammano is an award-winning poet and the author of Camino Divina- Walking the Divine Way: A Book of Moving Meditations with Likely and Unlikely Saints published by SkyLight Paths Publishing/Turner Publishing. Her training as a spiritual director, work as a retreat leader, Waldorf educator, Reiki practitioner, and work with the Opening the Book of Nature program have allowed her the ability to create interactive, artful, deep and intuitive events that work within both the interior and exterior landscapes. She lives on Whidbey Island.




“Gina is an authentic leader, and her workshops are deep, beautiful and provocative. She creates a safe space for her groups and skillfully leads workshop participants into places of deep self-discovery . . .” –Stephen Picha, Event Recruiter, Ghost Ranch Retreat Center, NM


“Gina, we will step into the world a new way because of you!” – retreat participant


“Loved the retreat! . . . . Enjoyed connecting with nature and the peacefulness!” – retreat participant


“This weekend has been even better than I expected . . . . You have been an amazing group leader. Many of your stories and poems nearly moved me to tears . . . . “– retreat participant


“(These) . . .  days gave me a sense of slowness, necessary to be totally refreshed. Your personality and understanding and poetry are a special Gift and felt honored to have part of you to take with me.” – retreat participant


“ . . . . It was truly the most relaxing retreat I’ve ever experienced. Gina, you have such a lovely gentle way to lead a group- it is very special . . . . You are an amazing teacher . . . This retreat was exceptional.” – retreat participant


“Gina, this weekend has meant a great deal to me. Especially learning to listen to the natural world . . . . Thank you!” – retreat participant


“Gina, This time with you has been amazing, enriching, and restorative . . . I loved the beautiful genuine person of spirit that you shared with us. Thank you . . . . You are an amazing presenter/person/spirit and the joy and beauty you brought out in our group was extraordinary.” – retreat participant


“The perfect mix of communion and solitude. The creative projects helped me to tap into hidden journeys I didn’t know were there.” – retreat participant


“Your retreat was fabulous. I had forgotten what “relaxed” felt like…balanced and light. You brought us your wisdom and gentle spirit that allowed me to ‘be in the moment’ . . . . It just felt good.” – retreat participant



“For one who teaches walking meditation, I wish I could make this lovely book required reading for all my students. Although it is equally good for anybody–walking or not–on how to see, how to sense, and how to savor.  Walk with the saints– and become one, it might just be saying!”

– Fr. Richard Rohr