Guest House

Our Guest House and Meal Practices

Holy Cross Monastery was originally built in 1902…for monks! You can expect a mix of historical charm and contemporary comforts while experiencing centuries-old practices.


Our guest rooms, formerly monks’ cells, are modest and comfortable. Your room will have a single bed, dresser, desk, and lamps. We also provide an alarm clock, pillow, linens, and blankets. We’ve renovated each floor’s group bathroom into private sections that include a sink, toilet, and shower. You can expect cozy heating during the winter. During the summer, we provide electric fans. We do not have air-conditioning in guest rooms.

Check-in is on or after 2:00 pm. Please do not arrive earlier than 2:00 pm, so that our staff has time to make your room ready for your arrival.

Check-out by 10:00 am. Please strip your bed, remake it with fresh linens, and say a prayer for the next guest in that room! Cluster your packed belongings in as small a space as possible, to help our cleaning staff prepare the room for arriving guests.

Your reservation includes dinner (12:30 pm) on your day of departure.

Internet and Use of Electronics

Please note: we no longer offer WiFi for guest use. We encourage you to use your time of retreat as a time to disconnect from meetings, work, and other commitments so that you can be fully present to your time away with God. If your group needs to show a video that requires access to the internet, please notify the guesthouse office.

As a monastic guesthouse, we are not able to accommodate space for guests to join Zoom or other video calls during their retreat time. Nor do we allow the use of cell phones in the building. The walls in the guesthouse are thin, and sound travels easily. We also need to leave our meeting rooms available for groups, for spiritual direction, and for folks looking for quiet areas to read, pray, and enjoy their retreat time. You are welcome to listen to audio books or music with headphones.

Appropriate Dress While at the Monastery

We encourage you to bring clothes that are comfortable and modest for your time of retreat. Specifically, we ask that you observe the following guidelines for clothing while at the Monastery: 

  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses should reach near or below the knee. 
  • Shoulders should be covered. 
  • Clothes should not be tight or revealing (please do not wear leggings). 
  • Gentlemen, please do not wear hats in the church or the refectory (kufis and kippas excepted). 
  • Robes should be worn to and from the showers on the upper floors of the Guesthouse. 
  • Shoes or slippers must be worn at all times. 


Available at the monastery’s upper parking lot, which is paved and a short walk to our main building. Handicap and four-hour maximum parking is available next to the guesthouse. The parking next to the guesthouse is not for overnight guests unless you display a handicap permit.

Our central arrival area has ramp access.


Our delicious healthy food is prepared by a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef who also prepares a vegetarian option when meat is served. Food selections are labeled so people with allergies can make choices.

Please let our guesthouse office know if you are allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, tree nuts, or peanuts. We are not able to accommodate food preferences. If you have food preferences or allergies beyond the eight listed above, you will need to bring your own food to supplement the food provided. We offer a refrigerator near the refectory for guests who wish to bring their own food. We do not guarantee a vegan option at the meals, though often the vegetarian option is often vegan. Our kitchen is neither gluten-free dedicated nor certified. Coffee, tea, and fresh fruit are available throughout the day.

Meal Schedule

Tuesday: supper at 5:45 pm
Wednesday to Saturday:
breakfast ongoing from 6:30 to 8:15 am, dinner at 12:30 pm, supper at 5:45 pm
Sunday: breakfast and dinner at the regular times
Monday: closed

Please arrive a few minutes before scheduled meal time to join the community in praying grace when we gather in the refectory.

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