Legacy Giving for the Order of the Holy Cross

The James Huntington Circle is made up of individuals who have shown their commitment to the Order of the Holy Cross by making a planned gift to support the work of OHC or its houses for generations to come. Planned gifts enable donors to make a meaningful contribution to the Order of the Holy Cross in a way that complements their financial goals while ensuring the long-term sustainability of OHC and its ministries.

In addition to knowing that you are helping to sustain and promote monastic life and ministries for generations to come, The James Huntington Circle members are eligible for the following benefits:

– Updates on the impact of Holy Cross ministries and projects through the semi-annual James Huntington Circle newsletter.
– Advance notices and invitations to online and in-person special events.

Ways to give
There are many ways to make a planned gift to the Order of the Holy Cross and its houses. Such gifts can provide you with a necessary tax deduction, additional income stream, support for surviving family members and more. Please call our Planned Giving Director, Brother Bernard Delcourt at 845-384-6660 extension 3008 to discuss which planned giving vehicle works best for you and your estate needs.

Charitable Bequest
A bequest listing the Order of the Holy Cross (or one of its houses) as a beneficiary in your will, is one of the simplest and most popular ways to make a planned gift. This can be done at any age simply by amending your existing will or by executing a new one. You may bequeath either a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to OHC through a Charitable Bequest.

View Sample Bequest Language here.

OHC recommends that donors consult with an attorney to prepare or revise their will.

Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs)
A Charitable Gift Annuity provides income to you during your lifetime, while ensuring support for OHC in the future. When you establish a CGA, you support OHC with a gift in the form of cash or property and, in return, you receive a fixed income for life and an immediate income tax deduction. CGAs with OHC are facilitated through The Episcopal Church Foundation.

Gifts of Life Insurance
By designating the Order of the Holy Cross as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or transferring the policy outright to OHC, the cash surrender value of the policy is deductible to you as a charitable contribution. If you continue to pay premiums after your gift, these premiums are also deductible.

Donating Retirement Plan Assets
Naming the Order of the Holy Cross as one of the beneficiaries of the sole beneficiary of a retirement plan is another easy way to support OHC. Such income is often taxable to your heirs but can usually be passed without taxation to support OHC.

Additional questions about planned giving?
Contact the Planned Giving Director, Brother Bernard Delcourt
at bernardjeandelcourt@gmail.com
or 845-384-6660 extension 3008.