Please include the mention “Documentary” in the memo field of your donation.

Love Must Act, as Light Must Shine, and Fire Must Burn.

Our monastic community is excited to announce plans, over 2024, to partner with award-winning filmmaker and Holy Cross Associate John Decker, to create two new short films about Holy Cross Monastery.

These films will help Holy Cross Monastery contribute to a greater awareness of monastic spirituality as a lived and contemporary practice - and of the Monastery as an accessible place of encounter with the spiritual life.

Portrait of a Monastery

Portrait of a Monastery will be a film exploring the beauty of the rhythms and rituals of everyday life among the monks who reside at Holy Cross Monastery. Through observation, this film will bear witness to the monastic tradition as an antidote to a world marked by chaos and confusion.

The film is envisioned as a Cinéma vérité piece that can be shared across church, arts, and film festival worlds. It will follow the Holy Cross community through the daily rhythms and defining moments of the church year.

Pray Early & Often

A second short form film (Pray Early & Often) will be centered around the Holy Cross community’s resonance beyond the Monastery through the wider network of Holy Cross Associates.

Different to the style of the first film, this will be an interview-driven piece, exploring how Associates from different walks of life found Holy Cross Monastery and now center their lives in the values of Benedictine spirituality – in shared time with the monastic community, and bringing monastic rhythms home.

Worship and Welcome

Together these two films present a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Offer an introduction the active and evolving spiritual practice of a monastic community, in an Episcopal Benedictine context that many people are not familiar with
  • Extend our spirit of welcome to new circles of the worshiping and weary who may be encouraged by our ministry of hospitality and prayer

How Can I Help?

  1. We’re asking our friends to partner with us in raising the funds for the The Portrait of a Monastery film project. We have a fundraising goal of $50,000 for the project, to cover equipment rentals, one-year of filming, and editing / post-production expenses for the 2 films. Your gift of $250, $500, $1,000 or more will help bring this project to life and further Holy Cross Monastery’s work to help those setting to continue to deepen and develop their faith, learn from monastic tradition, and grow in their spirituality.
  2. Pray with us as we undertake this project – for the community, the filmmaker, the film production team, and all those whose hearts may be stirred by their encounter with these films.
Please include the mention “Documentary” in the memo field of your donation.

How Can I See The Films?

When completed, the films will be premiered, at the Monastery, in an exclusive audience of our friends and supporters (followed by a conversation with the Director).
After the Premiere, the films will be made available on our website and on YouTube, Vimeo, and other digital platforms.

What Will Happen If You Exceed the Goal?

We’re glad you asked! Funds exceeding the $50,000 goal will be used to explore and expand the reach and impact of the films through such avenues as:

  • Missions to various churches and seminaries – with showings of the films, discussions of monastic life and accompanying guided times of prayer or reflection
  • Entry into Film Festivals, to reach unfamiliar audiences to the monastic tradition, as lived at Holy Cross Monastery
  • Promotion in Episcopal Church publications and in other global Anglican forums
  • Social media outreach to new audiences with interest in monastic life or the spiritual life
Please include the mention “Documentary” in the memo field of your donation.